Bakemark came about in 2006 when a couple of marketers’ who had been driving international bakery brands in Australia and New Zealand realized that bakery was being left behind and more relevant products were required for these markets.

At the time Weight Watchers were searching for a partner for cakes, we were awarded that license and held it for twelve years.

We added to that our Cakemark brand and started developing products for consumers who were choosing more personalized lifestyle approaches to health and diet and our range of deliciously gluten free cakes in particular have become very popular.

In the bread category we added the BFree range of wraps which are allergen free which means no gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts or soy!

We continue to experiment with flavors and formats to raise interest and sensory appeal, as an example sweet potato has been particularly successful, and we hope one or more of our products ends up on your table or in your lunch box very soon.